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XPTO company uses a Hard Disk Driver for website backup and a recently hired Solutions Architect suffers from a heart attack

"I though it was a joke until I noticed they were serious, then I started to feel some pain in my chest", said the architect

Docker usage turns into developers' protest with Team Leaders

They claimed: "It works on my container", on showcasing new features

Product Manager aims to deploy new features more frequently

Jose Guadalajon said the company has good infrastructure and since they use Git Workflow, the continuous deployment will be successful on any day

Specialists are controversial to this idea and recommend not deploying on Fridays

Task automation led engineers to get stuck in a loop trying to fix a problem and spend 6 months on a task that could be done in 2 weeks

Top Cloud Platform loses front-end engineers' support because the UI is too confusing

How students keep up the excitement of learning new technologies in the AI era

Howard, a student of TCBC university, says, "I feel great after centralizing a div"

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